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Learn from the very Best. Shawn Farquhar [World Champion in Magic] welcomes you to S.T.E.P Magic ( Stick To Easy Principle Magic). You will look like a master magician with minimal practice.
Every trick taught here will look difficult but it is actually very easy to learn and perform, hence the title S.T.E.P Magic. The tricks chosen are designed to get maximum impact with the least amount of practice. Audiences will be bamboozled to believe that you have invested years mastering the craft but in actually fact just a couple of hours of practice and you are good to go for ever.

Tricks taught by Shawn will make people believe that :-

  • You can Read People’s Minds
  • You are a Card Shark
  • Your Memory Level is Insane
    And many more …

The principles taught go far beyond the tricks performed. After mastering the principles, you will be able to expand and come up with your own unique and cool ideas that you can add to your own personal repertoire. After performing this tricks, you will definitely be the life of any party.

The Shawn Farquhar Teaches S.T.E.P Magic course is a culmination of some of the easiest tricks you ever learn and perform and it makes you look like a master magician.




  • TRICKS  0/9

    • Easy Man Memorized Deck
    • Oh Shit
    • Toxico
    • 13 x 13 Switch
    • Transform
    • Assembly
    • Card Trick That Sucks
    • Net Tricks
    • Peek
  • BONUS  0/1

    • Coin Routine – Shin Lim