TOXICO by Shawn Farquhar (also featured in S.T.E.P Magic)


78 students enrolled

Mind reading with any borrowed iPhone. Ready to blow people’s minds anytime, anywhere.


This is one of the most powerful tricks that can be performed with a borrowed iPhone. TOXICO will make you the talk of any party and possibly get you any girl’s phone number.

Imagine walking up to any stranger holding an iPhone and within minutes, you will able to get his/her phone number. The best part, it’s so easy to do, you can master TOXICO within minutes with Shawn’s detailed handling.

This works with any phone number in the world. There is no need to download any special app to make the trick work. You just need to borrow an iPhone and you are set to go. This is an instant miracle maker that you can unleash at your own will.

Now you’re ready to get any girl’s phone number at a moment’s notice. You just cannot go wrong with purchasing TOXICO!!





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