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Learn from the very best. Shin Lim [World Champion of Close-Up Card Magic] has handpicked the very best and easiest tricks from his repertoire and compiled them into a ulta jam pack visual training course. By end of the course you will go from an absolute beginner into a Card Shark.

Shin will guide you from the fundamentals of card magic and slowly turn you into a card Pro in no time. Each trick is designed to teach you a very important technique in card magic. This techniques will encourage you to further expand your horizon and create new tricks for your own personal repertoire.

But these are no mere tricks. They are real world audience tested card tricks performed by Shin himself. These are the tricks that pays the bills. The tricks are easy to do and it gets maximum impact. Within a few short hours of practice, you’ll be ready to tear down the streets with your new arsenal of tried and tested card tricks.

By end of the course, you will look like a master with cards.  You will have the ability to entertain and amaze crowds anytime & anywhere with just deck of cards.

“The Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic” course is the perfect guide to build your foundation in card magic.




  • TRICKS  0/10

    • Time Machine
    • Pinky Promise Version 1
    • Pinky Promise Version 2
    • Biddle Trick
    • Card Sleights
    • 4 for 4
    • Svengali
    • Flourishes – S Dribble
    • Flourishes – Card Spring
    • Flourishes – Thumb Fan
  • BONUS  0/1

    • 1 to 5 by Yu Ho Jin